Custom Land Rover

‘Fusion’ De-Seamed Front Wings

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, modern automotive design is very much based upon complete integration of the component parts so that they appear as one. It’s what the guys with pencils call ‘packaging’. A car starts to look dated when the packaging is not cohesive, so one of the ways to make the Defender look a bit more contemporary is to re-style the front wings so that they appear to be one flowing piece, rather than three separate panels bolted together with noticeable seams.

The process started out simply as an exercise in design, just to see if it was possible, but we were so impressed with the end result that we added it to our ‘Fusion’ Defender straight away. It completely changes the look of the front in a subtle yet appreciable way, giving the Defender a coolness that we just love.

The aggressive side vents (on both sides) and repositioned indicators are unique to us and give the wings an altogether more aggressive look. Combining the de-seamed wings with the other ‘Fusion’ elements creates an organic flow, as if the car has evolved naturally over time. One comment we often hear is ‘is this the new Defender?’ We can’t ask for more than that.

De-Seamed Wing Conversion (Both sides fitted including side and top vents): £1325.00

Note: Various respray options are available based on your overall requirements.

Custom Land Rover