Custom Land Rover

Keeping it 'Real'

How to update the Defender to make it more relevant for today’s driver without compromising on the historic Land Rover values? That was the task we set ourselves when forming the Ministry of Defender. It took a while and quite a lot of consultation with current and previous Land Rover owners, but in the end we all agreed that the best way to go forward is to actually not go forward too much...

We work on the basis that we are here to enhance, upgrade and update as much as we can, whilst being careful not to go beyond that by adding things that don't really belong on a classic Landy.

The Land Rover is, and always has been, a prime example of engineering simplicity. It’s what the Defender’s reputation is built on. Once you compromise the basics by adding on too many unnecessary features then you’re tampering with what has been the Defender's main selling point; pure simplicity.

We want to improve what's already there. Defenders already have a heater, sound proofing and a radio; it’s just that it's a very poor heater, mediocre soundproofing and a radio you can hardly hear... Our aim is to improve those existing elements so that the whole car feels more civilised. With a Puma Dashboard™ the Defender looks and feels like a modern car, and yet nothing unnecessary has been added.

Custom Land Rover