Custom Land Rover

Defender Bumper Upgrade

Look at any new car, and compare it to one from thirty years ago. One noticeable difference with a modern car is the lack of any distinguishable bumper. In the old days, bumpers were fitted as an external component, separate to the design of the body. New cars have crash protection that is internal, with the body then wrapped around it.

The Land Rover Defender design dates back to the days of external bumpers, which is one of the reasons why it now looks so dated. To make our ‘Fusion’ Defender look more contemporary, we had to design a front-end with a bumper that gave it the integrated look of a modern car.

Our bumper of choice has built in indicators and drive lights, which do not disturb the aesthetics of the car. It flowing lines work in conjunction with the ‘Fusion’ grille, giving it a cohesive in-house design feel, rather than looking like an aftermarket conversion.

Front Bumper Upgrade (Including fitting, lights and wiring): £ 690.00

Custom Land Rover