Custom Land Rover

‘Fusion’ Updated Grille

There have been a number of attempts at updating the Defender grille over the years with varying results. One example is the RDX/SVX grille, which just looks like a pallet has been nailed onto the front of a Land Rover. Someone, somewhere clearly thought that it was a good idea, but from a design and aesthetics point of view it is simply hideous. On the other hand, Kahn have come up with some really nice alternative grilles, but you would need spend over £800.00 to have one fitted, so they are somewhat restrictive.

Our ‘Fusion’ Grille upgrade is simple and elegant and comes in at a fraction of most other aftermarket options. Furthermore, as it utilises the existing Defender grille casing, it is lightweight and easy to fit. The horizontal mesh strips reflect the family look of the newer Land Rover models, giving it a more contemporary edge.

A fantastic final touch that works beautifully with our bumper upgrade.

‘Fusion’ Grille (Fitted with choice of silver or black mesh): £295.00

Custom Land Rover